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Janne is a professional photographer with an impressively wide portfolio. He believes that photography is about mastering the light and the technique for creative freedom. Every capture is built with precision, aiming for a beautiful result, that requires a minimalistic need of post production. What you see is what you get.

"For me professional photography is not about impressing myself, but stepping in to the clients boots and trying to understand what is the message and feeling that they want to send. I am not a master of one style, my professional experience and skills can vary to create different sceneries to captivate the story that needs to be told."

Janne on vahvan kokemuksen omaava valokuvaaja, jonka kuvissa näkyvät tekninen osaaminen ja valon hallinta. Asiakastöissä kuvattava kohde ja haluttu tunnelma ovat aina pääosassa. Janne ei pyri toistamaan itseään, vaan rakentaa kehykset tarinan kerronnalle. 



A passionate marketing professional with extensive experience of working on various positions and projects. An excellent commercial approach to solving challenges and a proven ability to generate fresh solutions and results. With a degree in Marketing Communication Management and over 10 years of experience in different fields and positions in marketing; from a designer to a team leader and as an enterpreteneur. 

"I have strong skills in marketing management and executing. I have worked with and helped to build different brands, in multiple positions. I have a complete understanding of all the phases of marketing communications and a proven track record of brand building with well established brands and consulting startups. I am driven with an entrepreneurs ambition and have no fear in researching new ways of communicating and reaching out to the customers. I do not hesitate to challenge myself in work and on field.  I strive for results and search for relevant customer experiences, getting in touch with the audience."

Visuaalisen viestinnän ammattilainen, markkinointiosaaja ja esteetikko, joka hallitsee kokonaisuuksia ja vetää projektit maaliin. Monipuolinen kokemus ja osaaminen markkinointiviestinnän eri osa-alueilta mahdollistaa toimimisen joustavasti hyvin erilaisissa työtehtävissä. 


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